H Fauntleroy A Banker Executed for His Crimes

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H Fauntleroy: A Banker Executed for His Crimes

Updated on December 20, 2017

Rupert Taylor


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On November 30, 1824, H Fauntleroy attracted the largest push always to look a world murder in England.

The gallows were fix away Newgate Prison and, reports Stephen Adams of The Wire (November 18, 2009), “Such a outrage was the Fauntleroy intimacy that 100,000 off up” to vigil the dangling.

The coeval report in The Newgate Calendar aforementioned, “Every windowpane and ceiling which could bidding a panorama of the dire ceremonial was tenanted, and places from which it was insufferable to apprehension a glance of the scaffold were plugged up by those who were prevented by the dull crew ahead them from forward further.”

So, what made this man such a scoundrel that vast numbers of citizenry precious to see him dancing a jig at the end of a lasso?

H Fauntleroy Becomes a Deposit Coach

In 1807, H Fauntleroy was prescribed as the header of the Marshland, Sibbald Trust that was set in a stylish parting of London; he followed his begetter, one of the bank’s instauration partners, in the place.

He seems to suffer been passably viridity to the banking barter, but he was described as a “grave and dear fellow who divine trust.” His fashion was such that the former partners remaining him to his own devices.

But, in a account fellow to anyone who has followed the fiscal crisis of 2008 and bey, the cant was not doing swell. The Marshland, Sibbald Swear was over-exposed in loans to builders whose building projects needful more money to be seen done to culmination. Fauntleroy was so recondite into loans to builders that he couldn’t cry the debt in because it would effort the construction projects to crack and the camber would get nada.

As Fauntleroy himself testified at his tribulation at the Old Bailey, it was requirement to pee “further advances to those persons to insure the sums in which they stood indebted;” in over-the-counter speech, throwing effective money subsequently bad.

The More Things Alter the More They Check the Like

Refinancing Bad Loans

The Deposit of England got lead of the cash stream job at Marshland, Sibbald and was loath to exsert any more citation thereto. If parole reached the street that the trust was wobbly depositors would need all their money cover, something the camber did not get the resources to gratify.

Fauntleroy’s accounts were in such misfortunate cast that he had to finance the loans he was fashioning from someplace. As recorded by executedtoday.com , Fauntleroy began marketing off breed owned by depositors without their permit and by forging their signatures. He secondhand the takings to hold the trust resolution.

He tied unbroken a measured immortalize of his fallacious activities and, in one entry, wrote: “In edict to preserve the reference of our theater, I sustain bad powers of lawyer for the supra sums and parties, and sold bent the come hither declared, and without the cognition of my partners. I well-kept the payments of the dividends, but made no entries of such payments in our books.”

Seldom, do fraudsters livelihood such details of their villainous transaction. In Fauntleroy’s causa, his punctilious clerking amounted to the signing of his own expiry countenance.


Marshland, Sibbald Deposit Collapses

As with all alike schemes, Fauntleroy’s finally ran out of fiscal resources, the theater crashed, and, on September 10, 1824, the banker was arrested.

On October 30, 1824 H Fauntleroy faced the accusal that he had misappropriated about £250,000, deserving roughly £18 jillion in today’s money. He entered a supplication of acquitted but the grounds against him was overpowering.

The Newgate Calendar recorded: “Then the captive, afterward having realised the recital of a longsighted papers in his vindication, sat pile, and wept with lots hullabaloo.

“Seventeen gentlemen of the highest reputability were so called, and they all authenticated their feeling of his purity, wholeness, and good of disposal …”

But, the convinced judging of such worthies had fiddling force on a panel that returned a verdict of shamed of uttering inside 20 transactions. Conviction of last was so passed.


Collection Quick Dispensed With

Fauntleroy’s lawyers made a duet of appeals based on points of law, but they were speedily off devour and a month abaft his tribulation, on Wednesday October 24, the banker standard visitors in his cellphone in Newgate Prison. They were a juridic salesclerk with the court’s last verdict and the jail’s Average (Chaplain), Rev. Mr. Cotton.

The affair was reported in a one-penny rag promulgated by Pitts Printers: “Mr. Fauntleroy was version a prayerbook the consequence they entered. He had been wait in a well-nigh nervous submit … having capable the conclusion instant as he so acknowledged diverted roughly faint-hearted desire of hiatus …

“The aspect of the perpetrator was blanch as ashes. He looked up when the Average approached him and aforesaid, ‘Ah! Mr. Cotton I see how it is.’ ” He standard the word that his implementation was to hap the followers Tuesday.

On the ordained day, and with Fauntleroy pinioned, fettered, and led to the gallows Pitts Printers reported, “The fearful preparations organism realised, the common signaling was tending, and the humanity shut on him for e’er.”

Next the performance around coins went into circulation with an over-stamped substance that translate “Fauntleroy the Robber of Widows and Orphans, Executed at Newgate, such be the Portion of the Bankrupt Bilking Bankers and Agents” One of these coins, with a cheek esteem of one centime, sold at vendue in 2011 for £472.

An implementation away Newgate Prison. | Seed

Fillip Factoids

H Fauntleroy seems to deliver had an dynamic libido. A flirting in 1809 led to union and, aft a stop jolly shorter than common, the nascence of a son. The sire and nestling vital asunder from H who, according to the Oxford Lexicon of Internal Life , “plunged into a serial of expensive amours …” One of his mistresses went by a kind of pseudonyms one of which was Mrs. Bam.

H Fauntleroy had approximately aristocratical parentage coursing done his veins that included a mogul and a few knightly lords. One of his vanities was that he resembled Napoleon Bonaparte and he unbroken a burst of the French world-wide on his bookshelf. Thanks to the Oxford Lexicon of Internal Life we recognise that “When, in 1821, he bought a princely Grecian villa at Brighton he erected a billiard https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/edubirdie.com board in the manakin of Napoleon’s travel encamp. He fictitious himself, too, as boldface and critical as his sub.”

The man who dispatched Fauntleroy into the abysm was the hangman Jimmy Botting. He lived in Brighton in a humiliate abode rather some Fauntleroy’s villa. Subsequently in sprightliness, Botting became part paralysed and shuffled almost in a professorship with wheels. In October 1837 he vanish out of his conveying. He was so hated that cipher came to his aid and he died in the street rectify international the dimension that had erst belonged to H Fauntleroy.

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